Forget traditional blogging courses.

We believe in challenging the online course status quo.

How? By ONLY creating and charging you for what we know will actually help grow your audience and profits.

We think you need a supportive community of bloggers that’ll stand up and help you every step of the way.

Effective and actionable is who we are.

We just happen to make great blogging courses.

Blogger U is a membership community and full library of blogging courses–all designed to give you

  • The education and tools you need to grow
  • The support group to aid you every step of the way
  • The motivation and accountability to keep you focused

Our bloggers are awesome.


Pete is incredible and the community he has created with Blogger U is invaluable to any blogger who wants to take their site to the next level.

Blogger U meets you where you are. It gives you deep dive information across every blogging topic and the support you need to build a successful blogging business that speaks to your style and values.

Since joining Blogger U I’ve refined my blog’s goals, improved my SEO strategy, updated my site design, and made huge strides in finding my personal voice. This has resulted in more engaged readers and a growing email list.

Of the many blogging courses I’ve purchased and completed, Blogger U is the only one I keep coming back to.

I regularly turn to the community for advice, to celebrate wins, and to support others who are walking this unique path. I highly recommend Blogger U to anyone who wants to create great content and make money blogging! It’s the last blogging course you’ll ever need.

-BU Member Chelsea


I spent month after discouraging month scouring the internet trying to find a source that would help mold me into a professional blogger. What I found instead was an overwhelming amount of surface level information that left me with more questions than answers.

I was beginning to give up on my dream before I even started, and that’s when a blogger friend directed me to Pete McPherson. 

In just a few hours, Blogger U was able to teach me more about blogging than I had learned in months of research and numerous email courses.

The quality and volume of content is invaluable. Pete genuinely wants to equip you with every tool he can to enable your blog to have a positive impact in the lives of others, while earning you fair compensation for your work.

Having Blogger U at my constant disposal means that I don’t need to go anywhere else in order to be the best blogger that I can be.

This is it. Everything I need to have a successful blog is right here.

-BU Member Eelaina

We believe a rock-solid support community filled with blogging friends is key to taking your blog to the next level.

We complain in Slack. We have a super-secret advanced URL share thread. We text, call, Voxer, Discord, snail mail, and hang out with each other in person.

We grow together.

<–Actual Blogger U Students–>

We believe the best blogging course is the one you’ll complete and see results from.

Our courses are not “follow this one path to blogging success.” Instead, we’ve organized hyper-specific courses by topic and skill level.

This allows you to pay for only what you want to learn, when you need to learn it.

Popular courses:

The “Blogging World’s Most Honest 30-Day Money-Back or We’ll Delete Our Entire Site”™ Satisfaction Guarantee.

I, Pete McPherson, hereby stake my entire blogging career on the value return on investment you’ll get from Blogger U.

However, if you join the Blogger U community, you are signing up to do work!

  • To take action based on the glimmering HD video lectures that’ll show you strategies to reach the next level
  • To complete the beautiful new workbooks that’ll help you process what you’ve learned and take action.
  • To engage and take advantage of our elite BU support Tribe.

That said, if you don’t think what you’re getting outweighs the cost, just email me and I’ll gladly refund you. I want you to be successful—not just a customer.

pete signature purple

As a new blogger, I was overwhelmed by the number of blog courses and instructional content available. Then I found Pete.

The modules in Blogger U helped me to focus on the things that are most important for building my blog and brand. It’s also helped me to build foundational writing habits, develop outreach skills and understand the steps I need to take for long-term growth.

BloggerU encompasses all aspects of blogging and offers something for bloggers of all levels. I love that I can keep coming back for additional modules and to a supportive community as I continue to grow my blog.

Pete is awesome, his content is incredibly valuable and he offers a unique perspective on blogging and the world of online business. Plus, he’s one of the most accessible bloggers I’ve met and always willing to help other bloggers out!

-BU Member Dora


There is nothing better than learning from somebody who’s excited by the topic they are teaching. That energy is exactly what you get from Pete and every property in the Do You Even Blog brand, especially Blogger U.

If you are ready to up your blogging game and want all of the best DYEB content, organized by category, with an easy to follow path to success, sign up for Blogger U today.

I could not recommend DYEB and Blogger U enough. To summarize in formula form: DYEB + Blogger U = #Winning

-BU Member Jason

We believe in thinking differently.

We believe blogging courses should be fun, engaging, and 10X the value for your money.

We believe our community of bloggers are our biggest asset.

We believe it is ALWAYS possible to grow your impact and blog income.

What do you believe?