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Like seriously --> Why do you want to blog?

Why do you want to grow your blog?

Traffic, email subscribers, and fans are great. Affilliate revenues rock...

but these are not your "why."

Side note: I personally believe "Find your Why!" sounds incredibly corny, but the fact remains right now...KNOWING your purpose and mission is critical.

Not "important," but "critical."

Your mission drives everything

It will aid decision making. It will help you persist through months 6-18...when a large majority of bloggers quit.

It will also help you produce better content that resonates with people.

You must explicitly define your purpose and mission.

Comment below with one of the following:

  • I started my blog because I really desire to ________________________
  • The change I'm seeking to make in other people is __________________
  • Traffic and money are what I want, but the overarching desire behind those is _____________________


No need to write a ton unless you'd just like to...but please choose one of those and comment below.