Elementor for Bloggers

A step-by-step walkthrough of the best drag-n-drop plugin of all time.

When it comes to the way your blog looks (and functions), It’s often difficult to go from “what’s in my head” to “what’s on the page.”

Enter Elementor.

Before finding this plugin, I struggled for years trying to find a tool for quickly and easily building landing pages, opt-in forms, custom home pages, etc.

Not only did Elementor solves those page-building problems–but it has also replaced many other plugins I used for marketing and blogging.

  • opt-in forms I can place anywhere on my site?
  • popups (both timed and on a button click)?
  • social share widgets?
  • countdown timers?
  • custom blog headers I can show across my site–or on specific pages?
  • way, way more?

Elementor is easily the highest ROI plugin I use–it’s free, and the Pro version is only $49(!)

However, with great power and flexibility comes a bigger learning curve.


Enter this course.

Elementor for Bloggers will have you building, designing, and publishing all sorts of snazzy and function features on your blog–in an afternoon.

Psst! This sales page was made via Elementor in the course! We walk through it step-by-step–and I also provide this as a pre-made template 😉

What's Included?

Over 4 hours of HD videos

5 ready-to-customize pre-made templates

Lifetime access to the private Blogger U community

Course Outline

An Overview

Learn what Elementor is, what it can do–as well as how to install and set-up the plugin.

  • What is Elementor?
  • How to Install Elementor (and prep for use)
  • How to Create a New Page
  • How to Create a Widgets & Sections
  • Backend Settings & Integrations

Editor & Settings

Here you’ll become the master at translating what’s in your head–into what happens on the page.

  • Where to *click* to edit stuff (surprisingly important)
  • A full tour of the Elementor Editor
  • Everything sections
  • Everything columns
  • Everything elements
  • Everything Inner Sections
  • Everything templates
  • [Advanced] Designed w/ advanced settings

Example Walk-throughs

Together, we’ll build out landing pages, popups, custom headers and page templates–and more.

  • Let's Build a Form and Integrate it
  • Let's Build a Global Social Share Widget
  • Let's Build a Popup to collect emails
  • Let's Build a Short-form landing page
  • Let's Build a Long-form sales page
  • [Advanced] Let's Build a Custom Headers or Footers for our entire Blog
  • [Advanced] Let's Build a Custom Archive Page
  • [Advanced] Let's Build a Custom Blog Post Template for SEO Megaposts
Truth be told, four months ago I didn't even know what a widget WAS. That could have been something related to the politically incorrect word midget for all I knew.

I still don't think of myself as a tech person per se, but now I think of myself as someone who can figure it out. If not I know I can find the help to do so. Probably in the Slack group. Probably from Teresa (shout out, you're all awesome Blogger U Slack group!)

Another thing is that now I'm hanging out with other bloggers and writers in the community and my mastermind group, (half of which is also in Blogger U) I've started to think of myself as a writer and blogger. Four months ago I wouldn't have said that. To become something, you first have to believe that you can and you are.

I'm a blogger!
Blogger U Raina
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One-Time Payment

$ 39
  • Over 5 hours of in-depth instructional videos
  • Custom Elementor Templates
  • Lifetime access to private B.U. community

The "blogging world's most honest money-back guarantee ever."

I, Pete McPherson, hereby stake my blogging career on the value ROI you’ll get from Blogger U courses.

Yes, by joining our community you are signing up to do the work! 

That said, if you don’t think what you’re getting outweighs the cost, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll gladly refund you. I want you to be successful—not just a customer.

Pete breaks down complicated concepts into small, actionable steps so we can implement them right away!
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Bald Thoughts

Who is teaching this course?

I’m Pete McPherson, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help bloggers grow their impacts and income.

While I used to be a corporate accountant, in 2017 I left that career to work on Do You Even Blog full-time, growing the podcast to 200,000+ downloads and $75k in revenues in the first 2 years.

I am incredibly passionate about creating authentic content that matters to people, and building grands bigger than just blog traffic!

You will find better bloggers and businessmen, it’s true–but you won’t anybody more passionate about blogging than me. 😃