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Amazing Flying Cars of the Future-Must Read

On today’s date, we can expect anything and everything. The main reason is the advancement in the world of science and technology. There was a time when the man had to travel a mile on his feet. Then there came the idea of a vehicle. With time the vehicles got modified with different fuels. Now man has moved forward and started working on flying cars. Yes, it may sound odd today but not tomorrow for sure. 

Here is the list of a few flying cars which are given different trials by their renowned companies. Read the article completely and don’t forget to tell us in comments about your views.

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Uber’s VTOL Taxis 2020

Flying Cars

Uber is no longer a new or strange name for the world. Uber is most famous for its manufacture of taxis. Now just like some other top car companies, Uber is also moving forward with their idea of flying cars. They have come with the idea of flying taxis which will also have skyports.

Their idea of flying taxis and skyports can be really useful because it can reduce the major issue of our society which is traffic. Uber is hoping to make their flying cars automated but there will also be a pilot for any emergence so that the pilot can take the control back in his hands. We wish all the best to the Uber Company. 

Latest AeroMobil’s Prototype-Flying Cars

This Company claims that their idea might match with other Companies’ but their flying cars will not. They claim that their cars should better be called supercars as they will come up with some kind of superpowers. Well, we can take this as a brag because they are working on their fourth prototype.

One unique thing about their flying car will be the duality of the functions. It means that their car will not only be able to fly in the air but drive on the road as well.

As far as the design of the flying car is concerned, then they claim that there will be no need for skyports as their flying cars will easily take off right from the road. Their ideas regarding their flying cars are amazing. They are also working for an electric powertrain. 

Latest Airbus Vahana

Flying Cars

This Company comes with an idea of making an airbus which will be self-sufficient; it means that there will be no need for a pilot to fly this. In other words, it will be an automated airbus. This will save a lot of money for the company as they are making their airbus which excludes the need for pilots.

Their automated taxis will be able to take care of the maintenance required. They will be able to take different routes as per the new orders and also going for the maintenance all by themselves.

The Company is all set to give its debut right in 2020. Moreover, the Company has already given 50 tries to their vehicle since its flight. 

Modern Kitty Hawk’s Flying Prototype

The prototype of this company is really interesting mainly because of its convenient use. We can also think that there will be no need for a pilot for their Minecraft. The company is not only working for an air taxi for mostly the urban areas but also a machine which could be a fun off-road.

The small personal flyers made by this company are like drones which are best for those who want a quick flying experience. As far as their availability is concerned, then they are just available for test flights at a lakeside. 

Amazing Volocopter 2X 2019

Flying Cars

The style of this vehicle is cool and exciting to look at. The company has made the test model of their vehicle. Their test model was also given a try and it was successful. This flying machine can fit two passengers. It can fly for 30 minutes. The Intel Company has also contributed to this project by giving the facility of a parachute in case of any emergency.

This flying machine comes with nine batteries; however, we are not so sure about its approval by Dubai as the city has previously rejected other prototypes. But this Company has given its flying machine a two-minute tour over Singapore back in October 2019. 

In this article we have shared with you amazing flying cars. We really hope that you loved these cars. Please share your views in the comments section given below.




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