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Free Websites To Take Online Courses in 2021

Now a days due to COVID-19 everyone is staying home and education is going while at home. Because of the advancement in the technology you can learn anything from home, you can take any course that you want. If you want a get a degree and certificate you probably have to buy the course. But we are talking about Free website where you can take online courses. There are many websites on the internet that offers online courses for free. All you will have to just enroll there and start learning.

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Here are the Website where you can take Free online Courses

Great Learning:

Great learning is recently launched website if you want to master coding, Data Science, Machine learning and deep learning. They offer all the courses for free. You can explore many courses there and you can start learning. In addition to that they give you free certificate as well. I am a big fan of Great Learning website because they offer every course for free and I am taking courses from there. This platform is amazing and I highly recommend this website for free online learning.

Checkout official website of Great Learning => My Great Learning


Udemy is premium and free as well. Many people don’t know about this but you can take free courses from their as well. When you search for any course try to use free filter in price section. You can take any course from there because they offer every type of course. Udemy is world learning top platform for online learning. Millions of students and professionals use this website to take the course. In free courses you will not get access to many things like getting in touch with your instructor and also you won’t be able to get the certificate.

Checkout Udemy Free Courses => Udemy Free Courses


Coursera is also one of the top Professional website for learning online. Coursera allows you take enroll in free courses and you can also take premium course on Financial aid. Coursera has all type of courses include Computer Programming Languages, Data Science, Psychology, Maths, English Learning and others as well. Coursera offers degree program as well if you visit their website and you will see degree program there as well.

Checkout Coursera official website => Coursera


Want to learn Programming? This website is best for learning computer programming languages. You can learn anything from here related to computer science and programming languages. They offer everything for free and you can get enroll in any course. I highly recommend Freecodecamp.org for learning programming. Freecodecamp has the list of all courses Including Web Development, Android Development, Databases, Machine learning, and so on.

Checkout official website of FreeCodeCamp => FreeCodeCamp

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is leading platform for online courses and online learning. Developed by Sal Khan who is just amazing person who has teach to million students online specially Maths. Khan academy allows you to enroll in any course if you want to learn Maths, Engineering, Computer Science. Khan academy offers thousand of courses for free. Khan Academy also gives you the certificates for your courses that you have completed. I highly recommend this Website for Free online course as well.

Checkout khan Academy Official Website => Khan Academy

Final Thoughts

I hope you found these tips and suggestion helpful. These websites can make your career if you give proper time to the learning and if you dedicate yourself. I wish you best of luck for your learning journey. Let me know if you have any question.



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