New Blogger Bootcamp [Pro]

Everything you need to know in year 1 of starting a blog. Seriously.

Getting your site up & running…

…and looking good.

And finding the time to produce content.

And learn Pinterest.

And SEO.

And–well, everything else.

Blogging is hard! Especially the first year, when traffic and growth seems to come entirely too slow.

That’s why I created the New Blogger Bootcamp–a 9-lesson free email course that covers precisely what I believe new bloggers need to know in order to thrive in year 1.

This course takes the free course even further, offering video lectures and some additional bonus content not in the email course!

By the time you’re done with this bootcamp–you’ll be armed with the knowledge of what you need to focus on (and what you don’t), and have a clear strategy for growth in your head.

What's Included?

25+ HD Video Lectures

PDF Worksheets

Lifetime access to the private B.U. community

1 Bonus Module

Course Outline

1 - Have a working blog

Domain, hosting, WordPress, themes–everything to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Choosing & finding a domain name and hosting package
  • How to set-up hosting & Install WordPress
  • How to create posts and pages
  • WordPress tour & theme customization
  • How to set-up Google Analytics
  • Essential blogging plugins

2 - Purpose & Avatar

The pre-blog marketing work that’ll help you grow your audience fast–right from the start.

  • New bloggers need to manage expectations
  • Write down your purpose (really)
  • Find your avatar before you blog!
  • BONUS Guest Lecturer: Jillian Johnsrud

3 - How to produce content that works

Learn the basics of crafting content that stands out, gets noticed, and turns readers into raving fans (and customers)

  • 5 commonalities between millionaire bloggers
  • The bare minimum of "good" content
  • How to stand out in a crowded niche
  • Everything formatting
  • How to write headlines (that drive clicks)

4 - The ins and outs of blog traffic

Which channels should you focus on, and how do you drive traffic?

  • "Where is your audience?"
  • Homework: Make a marketing hitlist
  • Pinterest Overview
  • Pinterest Strategy - Part 1
  • Pinterest Strategy - Part 2
  • SEO Overview
  • SEO Strategy - Part 2
  • SEO Strategy - Part 2

5 - Email list-building tactics

Do you really need to build an email list? How do you get to 1,000 subscribers ASAP?

  • What Is "List-Building" and Why Is It Important?
  • Setting It Up
  • Subscribers 0-100
  • What Do I Actually Send Them and How Often?
  • How to Grow Your List to 1,000
  • How to Create Your First "Content Upgrade" or "Freebie"

6 - Monetization and a 12-month strategy

How do blogs make money–in year 1? How can I set myself up for success?

  • How to Monetize! An Overview for Beginners
  • Ads 101
  • Affiliate marketing 101
  • Digital products 101

BONUS - How do I survive and thrive in year 1?

How to make SURE you set yourself up to make money from your blog and grow.

  • How to Survive Year One [Important]
  • Where to Go From Here
Truth be told, four months ago I didn't even know what a widget WAS. That could have been something related to the politically incorrect word midget for all I knew.

I still don't think of myself as a tech person per se, but now I think of myself as someone who can figure it out. If not I know I can find the help to do so. Probably in the Slack group. Probably from Teresa (shout out, you're all awesome Blogger U Slack group!)

Another thing is that now I'm hanging out with other bloggers and writers in the community and my mastermind group, (half of which is also in Blogger U) I've started to think of myself as a writer and blogger. Four months ago I wouldn't have said that. To become something, you first have to believe that you can and you are.

I'm a blogger!
Blogger U Raina
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That said, if you don’t think what you’re getting outweighs the cost, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll gladly refund you. I want you to be successful—not just a customer.

Not sure if this is for you?

The New Blogger Bootcamp is a course for beginner bloggers, or those interested in starting a blog! It is perfect for you if:

You’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but haven’t due to [insert fear or procrastination here]

You’ve been blogging less than 6-9 months.

You’re overwhelmed by everything there is to learn about blogging (content, WordPress, SEO, Images, Technical stuff, etc)

You want to have a profitable blog.

You really, really REALLY want to have a blog people read!!

Pete breaks down complicated concepts into small, actionable steps so we can implement them right away!
Blogger U Lee
Bald Thoughts

Who is teaching this course?

I’m Pete McPherson, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help bloggers grow their impacts and income.

While I used to be a corporate accountant, in 2017 I left that career to work on Do You Even Blog full-time, growing the podcast to 200,000+ downloads and $75k in revenues in the first 2 years.

I am incredibly passionate about creating authentic content that matters to people, and building grands bigger than just blog traffic!

You will find better bloggers and businessmen, it’s true–but you won’t anybody more passionate about blogging than me. 😃