School of Blogging Productivity

Blogging can eat up massive amounts of time–especially for busy people with kids, jobs, etc!

You’ll learn how to work faster and WAY more efficient, stay organized, and ultimately up your blogging output in the same amount of time.

This course has 1 sections with 6 lectures.

Estimated Time: 1 day

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Lifetime access for one payment of $35.

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First, you’ll be granted complete access to 100% of the course within 4.2 seconds. We timed it.

7.9 seconds later (Again, that’s precise. We timed it.), you’ll have access to your personal dashboard (called your locker), where you can find helpful navigation links, receipts, achievements (woot!), as well as information on the affiliate program.

Next, Pete will reach out to introduce himself, and also send you an invite link to the private community!

Not sure if this is for you?

The School of Blogging Productivity is for any blogger who wishes to get more done w/ the time that they have! It is perfect for you if:

You have a busy lifestyle (full-time job, kids, college, etc)

You struggle to find the time to blog and want to maximize time spent.

You want more output but don’t have more time to invest!

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One-time Payment


Lifetime access for one payment of $35.

Your Instructor

Pete McPherson is a full-time blogger at Do You Even Blog and creator of Blogger U.

His job is to interview the world’s best bloggers and online biz entrepreneurs–such as Michelle Schroeder, Neil Patel, John Lee Dumas, Rosemarie Groner, Nick Loper, and many more.

He has also started over 45+ blogs and online businesses (whew!), but is currently running DYEB and BU full-time!