5 Benefits of Web Hosting For your Company

Web hosting is gaining popularity with businesses of all types. Rather than maintaining your in-house web server yourself, you can pay a monthly subscription to some other hosting company to maintain your server. There are a number of benefits of web hosting for your business when you hire a hosting company. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about 6 benefits of web hosting for your company or business.

5 Benefits of Web Hosting For your Company

You can Choose Between Various Hosting Options

On the basis of your needs, you can pick from three different hosing options which are as follows:

  • Dedicated Hosting: In the dedicated hosting, you will have to pay the provider for your very own dedicated cloud-based web server.
  • Shared Hosting: In the shared hosting, you are sharing the server with multiple websites of your company and share the available server resources.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: In the VPS hosting,  the web server is shared with multiple websites, but the server resources are provided to each website to render guaranteed resources.

Definitely, if you are running an e-commerce company and its website that is graphic/video-heavy, then you want to opt for a dedicated or VPS solution as load speeds are important for conversions and to keep users on your site for a longer period.

No In-House Dedicated Server Needed

If you hire a web hosting company then you don’t need to worry about having a special dedicated server to run your site since you are operating it from the cloud. The hosting company will take care of backups, updates, and patches to the web server’s operating system therefore you can just emphasize on developing the best website possible for your company.

No website Crash:

As your site is hosted via the cloud, your hosting provider always has a backup of your website on a minimum of one other server. It holds much importance. Because, any time something can go wrong and the primary server crashes, so they can bring the backup server online, and your site will be back up immediately and will be able to operate smoothly.

You can Easily Monitor Your Website Status:

Hosting your company’s website in the cloud makes website monitoring more manageable. You can examine the status remotely, from anywhere. All you will be needing is a secure internet connection. You could even use multiple server monitoring application solutions to immediately be alerted when something goes wrong with your server.

These applications can be configured to forward alerts through text messages or via emails for numerous things like the server’s performance, bandwidth usage, and much more. The server monitoring application sits on your in-house server, and not in the cloud. Therefore, all the data collected is stored locally and kept internally for enhanced security

You can Easily Upgrade to Premium DNS services:

The most reliable web hosting company also provides you the option to upgrade to premium DNS services if it is not already incorporated in your subscription plan. All websites encompass a DNS (Domain Name System) that is turned into an IP address. On an ideal basis, you want more than one IP address connected with your DNS. Consequently, if one DNS service is not working, your website is automatically switched over to a different DNS service, so your website remains accessible all the time.

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