Heart is the central part of circulation. Heart diseases are the leading cause of death. Many risk factors take parts in causing heart diseases like physical inactivity, high cholesterol diet, unhealthy lifestyle, hypertension, tobacco and cigarette smoke and so on. When you take care of your heart health then your whole body parts get benefit from it. A healthy heart improves the quality of life and helps us to function better. Most of us want to take care of their heart but don’t know how,

Here are 5 best tips to take care of your heart health:

Eat a Heart Healthy Diet

Our diet matters a lot and unhealthy diet is a big factor in causing heart diseases. Heart healthy diet consist of oats and barley, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, fatty fish, olive oil, low fatty dairy, all these are lipid lowering foods and also reduce blood pressure. Avoid processed food, 80% of salt is present in processed food, if you avoid them then you will be able to limit excess salt intake too. We have increase the consumption of soya sauces, ketchups and fish sauces and all these contain high sodium. We also use soda and sweetened juice when we become too, thirsty. These too are hazardous for heart, if you are thirsty use water and water have its own benefits.

Lose Weight- If Obese

Overweight increase the risk for heart diseases so for a healthy heart it is necessary to stuck for a healthy weight. Decrease calorie intake and exercise regularly for a healthy weight. Try to reduce 500 kilocalories in your daily diet, which will help bring about an average weight loss of approximately half to almost 1 kilogram a week. From https://www.who.int/philippines/news/feature-stories/detail/how-to-take-care-of-your-heart-health. Being overweight or obese mean increased body fat and too much fat is dangerous it causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol and both are major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.


Exercise is good for heart health, it reduces heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol level and other lipids and also reduces weight. 2.4 hours of physical activity per week is necessary for healthy heart. And per day at least a 30 minute of exercise is necessary to get the heart pump effectively. Aerobic, resistance and flexibility are three types of exercises that are vital for heart health. Do household chores instead of lying on couch whole day, take stairs instead of elevator, take a long walk instead of sitting and overthinking or cursing yourself for being unproductive, to get yourself active and reduce the chances of heart diseases.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking or tobacco use is the most beneficial and biggest gift you give to your heart health. After a year of quitting, the risk of heart disease is about half that of a smoker. From https://www.who.int/philippines/news/feature-stories/detail/how-to-take-care-of-your-heart-health

After quitting the risk of heart diseases became same as of non-smoker. Smoking not only effect your heart it is the problem for many diseases, it effects your lungs and liver too. Also avoid passive smoke because it too cause heart attack and stroke.

Get Adequate Sleep

An adequate sleep lowers blood pressure and provide time to body to repair itself so ensure that you have at least a 7 hour of sleep to keeping your heart and body healthy. People had make it a badge of honor to get little or few hour of sleep, they brag proudly that they slept for a little at night but they don’t know how it is damaging their heart and brain. Sleep deprivation put more pressure on your heart and body, so it is mandatory to get enough of sleep to prepare your body for next day challenges. A good night sleep improves your heart health.


Lifestyle changes are necessary for heart health and if you follow 1 step among above mentioned tips then other 4 will be followed automatically so the game is just to take the initial step, from wherever you want or you feel easy other steps will be followed by their own. If you start exercise than you definitely lose weight and by losing fats you became hungry so eat healthy and all these cause you feel tired and you sleep more adequately.

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