5 best tips for healthy hair

Bad hair day is such a disaster ,isn’t it?Does  that beautiful hair of models you see in movies and tv commercials everyday feels like a dream?I agree.So today,In this article,we are going to discuss one of the most interesting topic that is about the best tips we can follow for healthy hair.Hair care experts believe that the dream of long healthy hair can be turned into a reality by following some of the basic hair care tips .So lets discover top hair tips in this article.

Distribute conditioner evenly

This tip is really important.No matter what type of hair you have.You have to have a wide tooth comb or a brush in your bathroom so that while showering when you apply conditioner you can use that comb to brush through you hair and make it spread evenly.When you spread the conditioner with the help of your fingers ,you are not gonna get it on every strand of hair.So the way to ensure even distribution of conditioner which means that you are gonna get the benefits of conditioner on every hair, is by combing your hair thoroughly.

Don’t over wash

Over washing your hair destroys them.You should wash your hair 2 to 4 times per week but not more than that.Over washing your hair washes out your hair texture and surface.Because the natural sebum that our scalp produces is good for out hair and washing it out regularly doesn’t allows our hair to absorb it actually.Shampoo contains sulphates and silicons.And using them everyday on your hair can be bad as sulphates dry your hair out whereas the silicon coats dry hair to make it feel and soft but actually the hair are not happy about it.

Oiling regularly

Make a habit of oiling your hair and massaging them and hour or two  before apply shampoo.It increases blood circulation through the scalp ,relaxes our muscles and really nourishes our hair.Oiling locks the moisture content in our hair,which then helps in hair growth  and also helps to repair damaged hair and split ends.We can use coconut oil,olive oil , mustard oil ,castor oil etc on our hair.

Dry your hair naturally

We should always dry our hair naturally.We are aware that blow drying your hair makes them beautiful but heat is not good for your hair at all.It can damage our scalp and hair.Air drying your hair after showering is the best method .However you also dry your hair using a soft cloth and wrapping it gently around your hair.But rubbing with towel harshly is not at all acceptable and is harmful for our hair.It can damage the surface of our hair.

Drink more water and eat healthy

Hydration and healthy diet is vital for good hair .Proper hydration is the key to amazing healthy hair. We can use everything on our hair ,but as long as we don’t keep ourselves hydrated,we cannot have good hair.Drinking at least 3 litres per day is the key to ensure healthy hair.

Our hair are made up of proteins and amino acids.They need the right amount of nutrition for proper and healthy growth.As long as we don’t eat a proper balanced and healthy diet , we cannot get good and healthy hair.Eggs ,berries,nuts ,vegetables are good for your hair.


To look good,and feel confident having good hair is really important.And it is only possible by taking proper care of your hair.If you don’t take care of your hair they will stop growing at one time and you will start suffering with problems such as dandruff ,hair fall, dryness and dull hair.So take proper care of your hair following these tips.

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