5 Best Morning Routines To Boost Productivity

Weather you are a morning person or not but you have to get up early with a perfect morning routine to boost your productivity and to have a successful day.

A good morning routine introduce your whole day by improving your focus, increasing your energy level and increases the productivity.

Here are some tips to introduce in your morning routine and boost your productivity level.

1: A Good night Sleep

If you slept for less than 8 hours than you feel low and lazy whole day. For a better day you have to sleep for 8 hours. Let’s take an example; we the new generation sleep less than 5 hours mostly during our exams session  and next day while doing paper we are unable to recall things, all this is because of sleep deprivation. Getting enough sleep increases the memory level and also improves the focus.

Some tips for good night sleep are illustrated below:

  • Reduce the screen timing, because screen produces blue light which decreases the melatonin ( sleep hormone ) secretion.
  • Avoid strenuous activities at night usually bedtime.
  •  Set an alarm for 8 hours of sleep
  • Read a book to induce sleepiness
  • Take a hot bath

2: Meditation

Putting meditation in your morning routine is a healthy routine. Our brain needs a calm and relaxed state to work properly and effectively. Meditation relax your mind, boost up the productivity level of brain, helps to clear your mind and improves your focus, and also improves the cognitive functions of brain. Just take out 5 to 10 minutes from your busy morning routines to stay calm and productive whole day. Meditation took only 15 minutes maximum and these 15 minutes are worth.

3: Drinking water

Make a habit of drinking a full glass of water as you wake up early in morning. Hydration improves your health physically as we as mentally. Water provides you energy and keeps away dehydration from caffeinated drinks. According to German studies; “ drinking 16oz of water first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism about 25% for the next 90 minutes. “

According to another study “ rehydrating in the morning can also help reduce fatigue, fuel your muscles for the day, and reduce stress.”

4: Ignore social media

We all have a habit of waking up and immediately checking our phone, let me clear it that social media can wait, it’s not going anywhere although it tooks your productivity level. Checking phone early in morning not only hurts your eyes but also drains your energy and keeps you in bed all day. It’s an unhealthy habit. Avoid this habit as much as u can just to be productive and make your day  successful at the end.

5: Have a healthy breakfast

Most of us avoid breakfast and it’s not a good habit. To make the day productive you must have a nutrient rich diet in morning, so you can start your day more energetically. Eating something healthy in morning gives energy, maintain focus and keeps productive throughout the day.

If you want to be productive then never make the mistake of missing breakfast because it is the fuel for surviving the day in a more effective way.


We all want to be successful and achieve our goals but we are getting lazy and de energized day by day, because of unhealthy morning routines. All the above mentioned tips sums up here that for staying productive we must include above 5 tips in our daily morning routine.

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