All About Body And Mind Healing


We all have a healing process, it is part of our life. A process to get back together when things are not good in life as well as a whole mental, physical and spiritual body and its healing power can be found anywhere. If you are sick or going through something mental, healing the body parts can also help you get better at getting over your past trauma, its healing power also has a great link with science but it’s more about what you feel than anything else. Its healing power is found in everything about us like our skin colour and our physical features but all the time we don’t realize what it really is.


Body healers are used to treat diseases like heart disease, cancer and even depression and they work because they have certain nutrients that are needed by the body to fight off diseases. They also have an important role in improving the immune system of the body and helping improve brain function. In other words, a healing procedure is also a self-help. For example, you go for a walk and you feel depressed, then maybe a few days later you think of taking a walk again, the feeling of walking makes you feel better about yourself.

Resistance to change

One thing that is very difficult but true is that the body has some sort of resistance to change. When you have a problem in your life, it can take a long time before you realize what you need and how much you need to change. When we change something, we have to believe in it, you have to give yourself over to that change so it just doesn’t seem like a big deal and its effects are felt very quickly.

For example, as people who have been diagnosed with depression, they are usually at first reluctant to commit to treatment, that’s why many of them will take medication and try it out to find something to stop their constant crying.


The body is so delicate and cannot bear stress its immune system needs to adapt to changes. The most common way to respond is through hormones called neurotransmitters,. the body produces natural stress relievers called endorphins.

Endorphins are natural substances produced in the body that control various physiological processes such as pain, inflammation and nausea.

Physiological healing

The human body is made up of two main parts : the muscles and bone. These are in particular made up of two parts which are muscle fibers and bone.. Bones are made up of osteoblasts, osteoblasts are the stem cells that give bone and connective tissue (hard tissues) it plays an important role, forming new bones.

Another organ that plays a role is your brain, it is so important because it controls everything so it needs to get good. Your brain makes sense of sensory information and tells your organs in your body to respond appropriately so your body functions correctly and to move properly. There are so many ways that body and mind connect and we never pay much attention to it but it does.


I am sure there are plenty more  of how our bodies need to communicate with each other. I would also say that it’s not just physical communication that takes place but it goes a lot deeper.

When we find ourselves experiencing difficulties as a result, it can be easy to feel helpless, however the majority of the people who suffer with chronic depression do have access to support systems. In fact, many therapists will recommend talking to trained experts for those living with depression so they can help you. The stigma around depression means that people who suffer do not feel comfortable asking for help, especially if the stigma is that you have no willpower, you should speak to someone and ask for professional help.

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