Best Health Gadgets in 2022

Prioritizing health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become really necessary for today’s world, especially in this pandemic period. Our lifestyle and health are being compromised with the advancing world and it has become hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle but no worries because technology has shone a light on the health industry and launched health gadgets. Health gadgets have made it easier now to preserve a healthy lifestyle, decrease the risk of diseases and stop the spread of diseases.

Here are the top 5 must-have health gadgets of 2022:

NATEDE Smart Natural Air Purifier

 Air pollution is a big problem in industrial areas and it makes the air unbreathable. This polluted air is the major cause of certain health diseases being common nowadays. Nasal allergy has become very common because of the polluted air but now the Italians have designed a great gadget known as NATEDE smart natural air purifier. It purifies the air and also improves the air quality. It works through a sensor and a photocatalytic filter.

This air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odours. Reference from

Squeezyband-Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Since the arrival of covid-19 pandemic till yet, sanitisers has been used a lot in form of pocket sanitiser, bottle or in spray form and it is mandatory to use them for the prevention of infection. And now in 2022, the use of sanitiser has become easy with this squeeze band. It is a bracelet worn at the wrist and by squeezing it a small dose fell on the palm. And even when you are examining a patient in the ward, OPD or in exams this squeeze band gives you a quick and easy approach to sanitize your hands and keep them clear of bacteria.

Thermbot-The Thermometer

This thermometer does not require to be put in the mouth or axilla or rectum nor have a battery. It is a small, handheld, smart portable thermometer that you can take everywhere in your pocket. Manual thermometers are put in the mouth or axilla for 1 minute while thermbot tells you your body temperature within seconds. It detects temperature without coming in contact with skin. And best measured at the wrist.

Philips Smart Sleep Deep Sleep Headband

Getting enough sleep is necessary for every individual at least 7 hours is mandatory, otherwise, you will get severe health issues. If you can’t sleep due to any reason like depression or exhaustion or any reason, you can try this health gadget for better sleep. These deep sleep headbands not only help in the induction of sleep but also increase the quality of sleep. It is a drug-free sleep enhancement gadget. People who sleep less than 6 hours normally or during their exam time can’t sleep due to anxiety and use anti-depressants or sleeping pills just to relax their mind, now can use these sleep headbands and have a good night’s sleep which also increases the energy in sleep time.

Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device

It is a handheld, portable device. You can track your metabolism rate and reduce extra weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a fantastically designed metabolism tracking device. This health gadget helps to know, whether we are burning carbs or fat. This is really a must-have gadget for all age groups. By tracking the fats and carbs status we can have control over our fats intake and can prevent a lot of fat-related diseases. This gadget also has advice for us, it advises us to include extra hours in schedule or if we need a workout. It just starts with a breath. It has a CO2 sensor and tells about the concentration of CO2 and the fuel we are using.


Technology has advanced in the healthcare industry in many ways. These 5 health gadgets are must have and makes life easier to live. With this growing and advancing world life also get tough and it has become hard to maintain health and fitness but with these gadgets, nothing is hard these are making lives easier and life more bearable.

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