How Screen Time Causes Insomnia?

We are too lazy and unproductive day by day. All we want is just getting in bed and doing nothing. And all this is because of insomnia. We are addicted to electronic devices now a days, and these devices have many benefits though also have side effects too. We use these devices 24/7 and even in night before bedtime.

What is screen time?

Screen time means; the amount of time spent on electronic  devices having screen like television, smart phone, laptop, tablet computer and etc.


A sleep disorder characterized with difficulty in falling asleep.

In one American large-scale sleep survey in 2013, 77% of adolescent respondents reported sleep difficulties, including night waking and difficulty falling asleep.

The circadian rhythm of sleep

Our sleep wake cycle follows a circadian rhythm. Our body is more alert in sunlight ( day time ) while our body respond to dark in night and produce a hormone known as melatonin which induces sleep. And it’s secreted when sunlight becomes dim as soon as evening starts.

Impact of screen time on sleep

The electronic devices radiates a light known as blue light, and in response to it our body becomes more alert because it is somehow like sunlight and our body perceive it as UV rays and melatonin secretion decreases. In this way it causes insomnia symptoms.

Scientists believe that children and adolescents may be extra-sensitive to the effects of blue light because their eyes let more light in.

Beside melatonin, excessive use of social media also causes depression and anxiety which also leads to insomnia.

The entertaining video games just before bedtime, increases excitement level and cause more alertness, so delay the sleep and decrease sleep duration and increases sleep latency. Also cause exhaustion in next day.


Enough sleep is good for our health, sleepiness causes laziness and exhaustion whole day doing nothing. The major cause of insomnia in this technical era is screen time. We must avoid screen time before bed just for the sake of a good sleep. The more you use electronic devices before bed at night the more you be insomniac.

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