How to Maintain Work-life Balance

Everyone is stressed because of their busy work schedule. No one has time for themself and relationships and for their health. But let’s re-evaluate the work-life balance. And work-life balance means apart from sleeping and working hours take some hours for things you enjoy doing and these golden hours or time doesn’t include your work or thoughts about work. These times are for yourself, your health and your relaxation.

According to psychologist Amy Sullivan PsyD: “However, if work crosses the line between something that brings us great value and joy to something that brings about great stress that begins to harm our health or relationships, we need to seriously evaluate what is causing this stress and how to manage this stress”

Here are 5 tips to maintain work-life balance

Prioritize Self-care

Prioritizing self-care isn’t a luxury thing but it’s necessary for your mental peace and health. Self-care means knowing and meeting your needs and it is important for your health and well-being. Take out some minutes or an hour from your work to do some exercise, meditation or yoga to avoid stress and frustration. Exercise increases circulation and also improves mood and energized you and you can put at your table more effectively. Eat a healthy diet and choose quality time for friends and family. “If you don’t properly care for yourself, your body will let you know in negative ways,” says Dr Darling in

Disconnect when you are at Home

You are not supposed to be available 24/7. You have to work during your working hours and when you are at home don’t overburden yourself, it’s not necessary to respond to every email and text while you are at home. It can affect your peace of mind, your time with your family, and even your sleep. Overburdening yourself with work stuff causes stress and depression so you can’t perform well in life. Just switch off or mute your phone at home or put it in another room so you can’t be forced to respond. Try to be a resilient person by not responding to work updates while you are at home because according to Robert Brooks, a Professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, “Resilient people feel a greater sense of control over their lives,” on another hand while reactive people are more prone to stress because of their easy accessibility. 

Take a Vacation

It’s important to take a complete off for a while either it is one day off or a whole week off. Sometimes we get frustrated from work or our same daily routine and all we want is a break! Not from life from work or our daily routine. So grab your stuff, switch off your phone and go for a long trip whenever you feel low because like our bodies our minds also get tired of these busy working days just to recharge ourselves mentally and physically. Don’t fear the backlog of work when you returned, you will return with more energy and relaxation so you can manage them smoothly.

Make Time for Yourself

Before getting this work you were an individual and you have hobbies and other works which make you happy. So getting a job or work doesn’t mean it’s your entire life. You have your own hobbies and happiness techniques you should do them too. No matter how hard or hectic your schedule is but you have to manage your time and life. The more you pull yourself hard the more you get frustrated and stressed. So make time for yourself, read a good book, do planting or anything which makes you happy.

Set Goals

Before going to bed make a to-do list for the week and stick to them. Do things which are valued and cut off the things which are of little or no value from your priority list. Reward yourself when you achieve your daily goal, you will feel much better. The time when you are most productive, avoid checking emails and texts every few minutes because they drain your attention and focus. Setting goals or targets makes you productive and keeps you relaxed after work hours.


So we are living in a world which is growing day by day with stress, depression, anxiety, lack of self-care and no time management. And all this is because of no work-life balance. And no one knows how to improve work-life balance. The 5 steps mentioned above are really important steps that control your work and life so you must follow them just to have a work-life balance. Having a work-life balance is very important for your health and well-being so you can’t ignore it like this.

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