5 Best Ways To Achieve Inner Peace

Inner peace is something that everyone craves for it but unfortunately in  this running paced world inner peace is hard to achieve. Our thoughts and anxiety has disturbed the daily lives. Inner peace is not from external circumstances, it’s an internal state. Inner peace is calmness, relaxation and observing positive perspective of life regardless of what the situation is or what may happen.

This world is like running in a marathon and inner peace has begun necessary for each and every person, so here are 5 ways to practise inner peace:

1: Meditation

Meditation is something that is not only a way for inner peace, it’s also the solution for many more mental disturbances like anxiety, depression, stress and so on.

Meditation doesn’t mean you need a mountaintop, it can be practised anywhere . Our mind is always engulfed in a tuft of thoughts and meditation gives you a break from that distorted thoughts. What you need is just give yourself 5 to 10 minutes daily to meditate and most simple way of meditation for inner peace is focusing on your breath.

Close your eyes, take deep breaths and focus on the rise and fall of breath. Relax your shoulders, relax your body from head to toe and feel the calm and peace.

Whenever you feel stressed or lost, stop there whatever you are doing stop them and try above steps, you will achieve inner peace.

2: Practise self love

We are constantly at war with ourselves in our mind either the mistake is ours or not. And this obviously ruin the inner peace. We always care about others opinion and kill our passions for the sake of others happiness. Let me clear one thing that what world thinks! What the world say! These type of thoughts only eat your passion, happiness and inner peace. Prioritize yourself first before giving importance to others opinion. Try to practise self love, do whatever makes your soul happy and spirit up. If you have passion of reading books and writing, do it . Take care of yourself and your body too. Do work outs which may release endorphin and makes you happy and fill your life with inner peace.

3: Live in Present

Our mind is always panicking about future or thinking the bad events in past. Most of us are living in past. And all this leads to anxiety nothing else, we are ruining our inner peace with our owns hands. Why we not try to live in present which may be more peaceful for our mind. When you are indulged in thoughts of past or are panic for future then just try some meditation or yoga steps and calm down and focus on present. Live this moment which is around you, don’t panic thinking about future that is unpredictable and never live in past by thinking of it, just think of it as a bad dream that has gone now and focus in your present and live it happily and be in peace.

4: Say No to Social Media

The way social media is destroying our inner peace hardly anything could do. It is a platform of competition. You can see your friends and fellows posting about their travels, relationships and successes and you start comparing your life with them and blaming your life not to be like that and all this gives stress and depression, destroy your peace. You need to take a break every once in a while in a month just to feel the reality of life and for your inner peace.

5: Accept what it is

whatever life throws it you just accept it. Don’t struggle against that or not argue just accept it the way it is.  Surrender yourself to present instead of resisting, you will be in peace because resistance makes you suffer or it looks like you are arguing with universe. Ask yourself what present wants from you and do that. The more you accept the present the more peace makes a room in your life.


I Know gaining peace in the busy life is challenging but once peace makes it’s way in your life then you will be happy and handle all the hardships of life more easily. Practise all 5 ways constantly in your life and live the best version of your life with peace in mind.

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