4 Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

Habits are the result of our repetitive actions that are done consciously. And it’s a natural phenomenon but having toxic habits that can ruin your life or keeps you away from achieving your goals is dangerous. I am going to enlist here 7 toxic habits if any one of them is familiar to you then it’s time to quit them.

1: Smart phone Addiction

The most self destructive habit of this technical era is smart phone addiction. It’s literally a bad habit that unfortunately almost every single person in this world is having it. The social media which causes anxiety and depression, use of smart phone before bed causes insomnia due to blue light of the screen and being on phone 24/7 also causes mental exhaustion, it feels like doing nothing whole day but still exhausted. And all this is keeping us away from our goals because we are unable to think about the things outside of this little screen or our mind is just indulged in social media all day.

2: Procrastinating

We the human beings are so expert in procrastinating that always we find excuses rather of doing the thing on time. Procrastination is one of the major toxic habit ruining our lives. Postponing the work is not the solution, rather it causes anxiety and stress being in back of head until not done. The work that is being postpon has to be done weather right now or later, then why not to do it right now! Just to be tension free all day.

3: Overthinking

Overthinking is another habit which can ruin your life. It causes mental exhaustion and ruin your day to day life. The thoughts which we have no control over are toxic enough that keeps you anxious and have negative impact on you. It creates problem that aren’t here, it causes sleepless nights and at the end leads to depression and anxiety or other words; mental illness.

The quote said, “Overthinking ruins you, ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.”

4: Lack of sleep

In this competitive world, sleeping hours are being reduced because of; some are engaged with social media at night time, some are engaged with studies and others with their office work or projects or making future plans. But no one notice that being sleep deprived is a bad habit because sleep promotes the formation of new brain nerve cells and also causes mental relaxation, reduce fatigue, decrease physical exhaustion and improves memory. 8 hours of sleep is necessary but what we do is! 6 or 5 or even 4 hours of sleep which is highly dangerous for our health and disturbing for daily routine activities. Lack of sleep promotes aging and dementia ( forgetfulness ). One of the major cause of memory loss in young adults is lack of sleep.


Above 4 habits are really devastating habits, if you find any of them in you then start quitting that habit because these are not good habits either they ruin your life. You have to control them by reducing screen time, increasing sleeping hours or get enough of sleep maximally 8 hours, quit overthinking and avoid procrastination, believe me you will be in peace and achieve your goals without any distraction.

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