How To Stay Calm When Life Is Getting Hard

In today’s modern life, everyone is stressed or depressed either he/she is young or adult. Stress has became a part of life now a days and it’s not good for health. Because some people can’t cope with stress and they became panicked and anxious which can lead to many problems like, hypertension, vascular diseases,  heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and many more health problems.

Stress trigger the Autonomic nervous system of the body and in response it causes body to release hormones like cortisol which is known as stress hormone that prepares the body in “ fight or flight “ mood. While in this state, a person is alert and became panic. They can easily calm down by making following 6 tips a part of their life.

6 Tips to Stay Calm while life is getting hard

 1:Take a deep breath:

Inhale the air through your nose up to the belly and exhale through mouth. Just focus on the breath and at that moment, nothing else.

Taking deep breaths freshen your mind as well as calm your nerves. It also reduce the blood pleasure, relax the muscles and slow down the heart rate during stress.

2: Focus on the positive:

Thoughts controls the subconscious mind. Thinking positively helps you to be optimistic and to see the things in their best version. Negative thoughts drain your energy and you would feel depressed and pessimistic. Try to stay positive because it calms you down and also avoid stress and stress related diseases.

Make sure the people in your surrounding are positive because negative people increase your stress and drains your energy. Avoid such people as much as you can, you will be in peace.

3: Get plenty of Sleep:

As we mentioned above that in stress body is in state of fight or flight mood which means body is alert in response to danger so in this condition person feels insomniac ( sleep deficit ). Due to sleep deprivation ones be in low mood, more negative, lazy and  depressed.

During sleep, cortisol ( the stress hormone ) level decreases, that’s why getting plenty of sleep helps to reduce stress. Also growth hormone increases in sleep hours that prepares the body to repair itself.

4: Go for a walk:

Walking provide you both the physical as well as emotional wellbeing. Walking helps to reduce the cortisol level and also Endorphin is released during walk which is a brain chemical that stimulate relaxation and boost up the mind. Walking enables you to find the solution of the stress that is bothering you because it increases blood supply to  the brain and rest of body and improves the cognitive functions of brain.

A long walk helps you to get better sleep because you feel more tired. “A good walk can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Walking improves self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress and anxiety.”  Reference from “

5: Meditation:

Meditation helps in getting rid-of of stress and provide inner peace by increasing stress management skills, tolerance and patience, creativity, thinking ability and helps to deal with negativity.

Sitting in a cross legged position and just focussing on your breath rather of the jumbled of thoughts in your mind, produce tranquillity of mind and relaxation.

6: Reduce caffeine intake:

Caffeine is a chemical present in tea, coffee and chocolates which stimulate the nervous system. Overconsumption of caffeine cause a person to be hyperactive and decrease the sleep which leads to anxiety and more stressful state of mind.

While in stress try to avoid caffeine or decrease the intake because it doubles the level of cortisol and cause more stress and anxiety.


I know you don’t have control over your thoughts or what life threw at you, but dealing with pressure in a healthy way or following the above strategies in stress will help you to stay calm in stressful events and think more positively to find out the solution.



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