How to Attract Happiness With These 5 Practices

Attracting happiness is only by your mind and inner peace. Happiness can’t be achieve with any medication or tablet. It is all about the game of your thoughts and perception. According to the book; The Secret “ Focus on happy thoughts you will attract happier circumstances and happier life “.

 Here are few tips that helps you to attract happiness.

1: knowing what happiness is:

First of all let me talk about what actually happiness means or is! Happiness is not materialistic or not external but it is an internal factor, which means happiness comes inside you not from the attraction of external things. For being happy it’s not necessary to achieve the goal first or to be successful then you feel the joy. Happiness is directly proportional to your thoughts, you have to control your thoughts and habits first, you need to accept that whatever the situation is but you have the ability to be happy. Happiness has no concerned with circumstances, your goals or any materialistic factor.

2: Make the choice to be happy:

If you know the true meaning of happiness then your next step must be a decision of being happy in each circumstances. If you make the decision of being happy in every moment then your subconscious mind automatically attract happy moments and you will start observing each situations in their positive aspect rather of negative aspect. Always think “ you can do it “ instead of “ I can’t “, this thought will make the way to happiness. Always remind your self that “ Happiness is my birth right “ then no one or nothing can took away that happiness from you.

3: Do not Procrastinate:

The biggest obstacle to the way of happiness is procrastination. Always do the things on time , never procrastinate. My own self do procrastinate and feels like something is missing in my life, or I am incomplete and which obviously makes me unhappy or I feel low all day.

So what ever is the task do it immediately and don’t put it for so long which could be a burden on your head then. Once you have completed your task you will be much more happier.

4: Stay present

Whatever you are doing try to just focus on it and stay in the present moment. Thinking of past only lead you to bad moments or bad memories and you ends up with heartache and pain nothing else.  And the thought of future will make you anxious. So it’s better to be in present, you will be happy  rather of feeling anxious or pain in thoughts of future and past.

5: Do not compare yourself with others:

The main problem of new generation is that they compare their self with others which makes them unhappy always. Everyone has their own mind-set  and their own way of achieving things.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Rosevelt

Abandon the thought of comparing yourself with others because by doing this you only see good in others life while bad in your life.  Once you stop comparing, you will appreciate your action and start noticing good things in your life and feel much more happiness.

6: Do not discourage yourself:

Never be hard on yourself. Always blaming yourself or slapping on your face, will always pull your leg back and drains your energy and keeps you away from happiness. Ups and down came in life, life get tough but try to encourage yourself. The thought of “ this too shall pass, life get easier, nothing is persistent “ gives you positive vibes and makes you happy. According to the law of attraction, You became what you think. So try to make positive thoughts to be happy.


Above all discussion sums up with, Happiness is attractive, the happy thoughts fills your life with happiness and attract great things in life. So follow the above mentioned tips, believe me happiness will knock your door and you will be in peace in this depressed world.

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