5 Disadvantages Of Excessive Usage Of Mobile Phones

We live in an advanced world where mobile phones have provided us with much comfort .Mobile phones are the most advanced ,convenient technology that is used by almost everyone .But, they can prove harmful to us in certain ways when used excessively . In this article ,we are going to talk about the disadvantages of excessive usage of mobile phones.

Wastage of time

Mobile phones are very convenient and time saving at times ,but when used excessively ,they can be a wastage of time.As we all know time is money and money is time .Wasting time can prove harmful for us.People love spending their time using their phones ,whether it is for watching movies, scrolling through social media or playing games.While using mobile phones we don’t realise how much time we waste doing idle tasks.The same time could be spent doing something productive and  as once the time passes ,it never comes back.

Health problems

Excessive use of mobile phones can prove to be harmful for our health as well.The health problems due to massive usage of mobile phones are now increasing day by day.Playing games on mobile phone screen and having late night conversations on bright phone screen affects our eyes.It causes damage to our eyes.On the other hand, rays from a mobile phone screen can cause different skin diseases such as skin cancers.It can also cause insomnia,certain eye and brain cancers.

Disruption of social lives

These days ,mobile phones are one of the leading cause of disruption in the social lives.Mobile phones causes isolation among people.Due to them ,people prefer spending their leisure time on their phones, scrolling through social media instead of spending quality time with their loved ones.Despite of living in the same house, parents are distanced from their children ,because especially young generation  loves spending all of their time on their mobile phones on certain social media platforms.

Distraction from work and studies

Mobiles phones are one on the most leading cause of distraction ,whether it is from work or from studies.Students love spending their time using mobile phones ,scrolling through social media or playing games.While studying, it becomes  distraction for them as they want to use mobile phone instead or studying ,they loose their time for studying due to over-usage or mobile phones ,which then eventually results in bad academic records.Adults on the other hand ,are also addicted to mobile phones,and  phones become a distraction for them whilst they are working.

Privacy issues

As mobiles phones are now our constant way of communications ,running businesses ,sharing personal or private data and contacts ,our location ,incoming calls and texts ,or emails ,but they can easily get into someones else’s phone with just one click .All the private data can be leaked within few seconds .There are various security issues in mobile phones that can leak private info.Big businesses can be ruined within seconds.A person can suffer great loss due to a certain glitch.


Even though ,there are many disadvantages of mobile phones ,but in conclusion their benefits are much more.They have benefitted humanity through various provisions of services.We live in the era where almost all of our daily life tasks depends on technology.They have made our lived much more easier and advanced.It all depends on they way of how we use it.If one uses mobile phone while keeping all of these disadvantages in mind ,the harms can be reduced.If we use mobile phones in a moderation ,keeping a time limit, they are very beneficial for us.Over usage of anything can be toxic.So we should always use mobile phones in moderation of time.

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